Dec 31, 2010

New Year's Resolution!!!

Here yo! Long time no update from me.. So here a update.. The year has being a great one.. Filled with its ups and downs.. But I want to put that all behind me now.. Time to set myself up for the year to come..

Here are a few things that I want to achieve by the end of the coming year 2011:

1) Run a full marathon!

2) Train up my body so I can look good and feel good, while this will help me excel in my work which can be physically demanding too..

3) Grow even more in my openness; been opening up to brothers, but I have to put down my ego and be accountable with the sisters I work with in ministry too.. Got feedback I like to put everything on my own shoulders.. Can't say guys can only be open with guys only anymore..

4) Be more firm with the children..

5) Be someone that a brother can find counsel in..

6) Take initiative even more to avail myself for various things like family and ministry..

That's about it.. I will be striving to hit the goals that I've set.. And please help watch over me too.. Thanks people!

1 comment:

yeu@nn said...

Hey bro! Thank God for you... just to say I find you a gentle, yet mature and thoughtful brother... I do believe a lot of ppl do look up to you and respect you... you'll be a good brother n counsellor! :) no worries, continue to be what you are, and filled with God's love and show it as best as you know how, and of course, be a kindergarten cop haha... and God, who sees your heart will bless you richly. :)