Dec 31, 2010

New Year's Resolution!!!

Here yo! Long time no update from me.. So here a update.. The year has being a great one.. Filled with its ups and downs.. But I want to put that all behind me now.. Time to set myself up for the year to come..

Here are a few things that I want to achieve by the end of the coming year 2011:

1) Run a full marathon!

2) Train up my body so I can look good and feel good, while this will help me excel in my work which can be physically demanding too..

3) Grow even more in my openness; been opening up to brothers, but I have to put down my ego and be accountable with the sisters I work with in ministry too.. Got feedback I like to put everything on my own shoulders.. Can't say guys can only be open with guys only anymore..

4) Be more firm with the children..

5) Be someone that a brother can find counsel in..

6) Take initiative even more to avail myself for various things like family and ministry..

That's about it.. I will be striving to hit the goals that I've set.. And please help watch over me too.. Thanks people!

Dec 12, 2010

The cab home..

Was feeling tired.. So I decided to take a cab home.. Thank God for the taxi driver.. He is a believer too.. And though after reaching my place, I sat in the cab and talk to him about Christianity for what I believe to be an hour or so, and it being so late now.. I feel very refreshed.. The uncle is ready a spirit-lead man of God.. And I'm ready glad God place him in my life..

Nov 28, 2010

What the answer?

I've always wondered about what is the answer, the solution to many of my worries, questions and so on.. I've look far and wide for answers.. But the answer has always been in me.. The answer is Him..

Oct 30, 2010

A Saturday Spent in Camp

Yup.. Got confined this today in camp.. But don't get me wrong.. I did not do anything wrong or got confined for any bad reasons.. The reason I stayed in camp was because I was involved in the parade for the Change of Command for the Minister of MHA as a Guard of Honor (Those guys you see in white on National Day Parade).. Had to miss service because of this..

One of the greater moments was when everything has ended and the minister is taking his leave from the dinning hall.. I was holding the door for the guests.. Then the whole lot of Commissioners from the various Home-Team Uniform agencies and the minister passed by me through the door.. Wow.. What a sight.. But still I miss the fellowship with the people in church.. Oh well.. See you people soon..

Oct 22, 2010

Update for the past one month plus..

Hi people.. Its been a while since I last did any blogging.. I guess I should start updating since there are people still coming to this blog..

I would start off with my training.. The progress of things are smooth.. For my IPPT, I just shy of clearing it.. 4 more centimeters for my standing board jump.. Kinda wasted though, if this station was on par with my other stations, I would have being able to get a silver for my IPPT.. I guess I got to work extra hard now, since the dead-line is coming up.. But with God I can.. I can already see some improvement since a while back..

Relationship wise, I been gelling well with my bunk-mates.. Awesome people.. Thought that cannot be said for all my squad-mates.. There are just some people I do not like to be with.. But still, I have to get on with my life.. No use getting affected by these people..

Generally, the experience thus far has been a good one..

Church-wise, I find myself having trouble keeping up with things from all the busy schedules.. Driving lessons that form part of my training is the biggest problem.. some of the driving lessons in the weeks falls on Saturday.. And I find myself unable to attend Life-Group that has being recently moved to the weekends.. I also find myself coming to service later.. Meaning I don't get to mingle with people pre-service.. And when I do go for service, I am all but knocked out.. Tired is the word.. Finding rest in the Lord seems like a hard thing to do.. I have to find peace in the chaos and overcome all the distractions around me..

"Oh, my so downcast O my soul" is the phrase to use to describe my spirit condition now.. I find myself losing faith in my commitment with God.. And I know the right thing to do now is to commitment myself even more to God so as to regain my faith through actively doing something like how its best suited for me..

Time to buck up.. As I become more faithful, God will pour out His blessings onto me.. Meanwhile, let know that I should hang tight as God is with me, yesterday, today and tomorrow..

Sep 5, 2010


I was careless today.. I drew $20 out of the ATM but forgot to take it with me.. Was at night.. Guess I was tired.. First time like that.. A bit heart pain.. Oh well.. Got to move on..

Aug 29, 2010

Happy Teacher's Day..

Had a pleasing surprise today when I when for HopeKids.. Apparently, Teacher's Day is somewhere around this date, and the children gave gifts to me and my partner.. How sweet are the kids right..?